Learning its lesson from complaints it got last year over the late release of Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7, Microsoft Corp., today announced the release of a preview of IE11 for Windows 7.

A beta of IE 11 was included in the public preview of Windows 8.1 in June.

The rollout of IE11 Developer Preview for Windows 7 beat the timing of IE10 for Windows 7 by several months implying that Microsoft listened to complaints it received from Windows 7 users last year that they were being neglected by the software maker.

Microsoft shipped IE10 for Windows 7 on February 26, four months after debut of the browser on Windows 8.


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Final release of IE10 for Windows 7 coming soon?

Microsoft said IE11 on Windows 7 will come with most of the functionality and features the browser on Windows 8.

Among the improvements in IE11 are support for WebGL as well as open-source 3-D and 2-D graphics.

WebGL has become a “vital component” or Web developers’ toolkit since many sites are now using WebGL for making interactive virtualization experiences for many applications, according to Sandeep Singhal, group program manager for IE.

Singhal said IE11 on Windows 7 is marginally faster than IE10

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