IT WORLD CANADA CURATED BYOD has already changed the face of business, says the analyst firm

IDC: Enterprise mobility an inescapable reality

The answer to the BYOD phenomenon is still in the process of being worked out. But at the same time as security fears have cropped up and businesses have scrambled to get a handle on the problem, the positives of enterprise mobility are being recognized more and more.

The intersection of SaaS and mobility have brought innumerable advantages to many companies. But as this article points out, those who are most successful at harnessing these benefits are the ones that began with coherent plans and policies.
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The New Workplace: Supporting “Bring your own”							Sponsor: IBM Canada Ltd
The New Workplace: Supporting “Bring your own”
“Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) and the “consumerization of IT” have taken hold in the enterprise, and employees using their own personal smartphones and tablets for business have become pervasive.
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