Canadian company offers first 3.65GHz WiMAX to U.S.

A Markham, Ont.-based wireless equipment manufacturer has been approved by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to offer its RedMAX Base Station (AN-100U) to American service providers deploying WiMAX services in the 3.65 GHz spectrum.

Redline Communications Inc.’s base station supports voice, video, and other prioritized traffic, enabling long-range, high-capacity wireless broadband networks.

The decision by FCC should help U.S.-based operators improve their ability to provide broadband wireless services to rural and underserved areas, the vendor says. Redline claims RedMAX is the first 3.65 GHz WiMAX product to be approved in the U.S.

Commercial testing of the company’s 3.65 GHz RedMAX products was completed under Test and Development licenses for the spectrum for several months following the FCC’s approval.