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Ontario school board tests ProCurve wireless access point

The Halton Catholic District School Board is using HP ProCurve 420 wireless access points and MSM422 hardware to give students and teachers access. Get the latest news on the draft 802.11n wireless standard

Nortel to broaden its WiMAX offerings

At WiMAX World Chicago, Nortel was among a number of manufacturers to announce new products and partnerships to strengthen the technology's ecosystem

Mobile network builder looks to IKEA for inspiration

Developing countries often lack people with technical skills, so a Swedish-Indian startup has taken assembly ideas from the furniture maker to make it easier to set up a wireless network

Canadian company offers first 3.65GHz WiMAX to U.S.

Redline Communications gets approval for its AN-100U WiMAX base station, which could provide broadband service in rural areas

lntel, Indian minister dispute plans for assembly plant

India's minister for IT and communications said Tuesday that Intel Corp has decided to invest about US$400 million in an assembly and testing facility in the country. Intel denied the move, however, prompting speculation that the minister may be pushing the chip maker's hand.

Wireless mice, keyboards set users free

Input devices are not glamorous. But few pieces of equipment see more use

BT in bid to siphon revenue from mobile networks

BT Group PLC is to offer mobile phones that will prevent users from making GSM calls in the office, by diverting them automatically across Bluetooth to the fixed network.

Microsoft joins 802.11g WLAN game

Microsoft Corp. introduced 802.11g-based wireless networking gear Tuesday, catching up with rivals Cisco Systems Inc., Netgear Inc. and D-Link Systems Inc.

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