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Windows 7: The Canadian Launch

Acknowledging the failure in enterprise adoption of Vista, Microsoft’s CEO tells IT shops the new OS is the “most significant Windows release in a long time.” Plus, Ballmer’s promise to build Canadian-based data centres to support future cloud computing initiatives

The Enterprise version of Microsoft’s new operating system boasts features even mid-sized businesses need, while Windows 7 Professional falls short

Windows 7 ‘productivity features’ a big attraction with small Canadian firms

A compelling user interface, better Search functionality and backwards compatibility with Windows XP apps – are some reasons cited by three Canadian small businesses for their migration to the new Windows 7 OS. Also, a Canadian analyst discusses the significance of Steve Ballmer’s presence at the Canadian launch of Windows 7 yesterday in Toronto.

Early positive reviews and analyst praise of Windows 7 have caused Canadian professionals to greet Microsoft’s latest operating system with some enthusiasm tinged with caution. Meanwhile, at the Windows 7 launch this morning Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer talked about why the availability of Windows 7 is so significant.

The Microsoft CEO launches Windows 7, Windows Server R2 and Exchange 2010 at a packed audience of IT professionals in Toronto. Hear what he has to say about Vista loyalists, its mobile missteps and continuous product improvement
The software chief exec discusses the government’s role in growing the IT industry, the Quebec dispute over Windows and the patent lawsuit with Toronto-based i4i.
Steve Ballmer the salesman in Canada
Anytime the CEO of Microsoft in town; it’s a big event. Yesterday even my 76 year old Mom knew about Steve Ballmer’s arrival. And, English is her second language – barely (Love you Ma).
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Windows 7 in ComputerWorld Canada
Windows 7: Will your or won’t you?
Canadian IT professionals discuss their upgrade plans, why they’re excited (and why some are still wary).


What Canadian IT managers think of Windows 7


We checked in with a handful of technology professionals to see what they thought of the new Windows 7 beta, Microsoft’s strategy, and the Vista that never was
When Microsoft first decided to name its followup to XP “Vista,” I wrote at length about the significance of that moniker and what it might imply. This time, the company wants to make it clear that the next version of its OS ain’t nothing but a number.
Windows 7 in
Falcon Eye is an enhanced version of Microsoft Virtual Earth created by Infusion Development. It can plot geospatial data on a map of the globe. Examples of its use include a nation-wide map of traffic conditions including connections to live cameras, an overview of current police incidents, and a 3D tour of a future condo building. INCLUDES VIDEO.

Windows 7 in Computer Dealer News (CDN)

Hasta La Vista baby, hello Windows 7

Windows 7 is more of a refined Vista than a major departure from it


My first look at Windows 7


Before I took a look at Vista I remember some partners and analysts telling me that it would greatly increase channel business.
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Users, IT admins split on Windows 7


Windows 7 Blogs and Opinion


Windows 7 — Microsoft’s future on the line . . . and why it may be too late