Using Google Home in Canada – All Hands on Tech


    Americans have enjoyed the benefit of Amazon’s Alexa for years and Google Home since November, yet Canadians are left waiting for official support for these smart home assistants.

    But what if there’s really no good reason to wait? Our editor Brian Jackson has been using Google Home – grey market style – in his condo for a month. From playing local radio stations or getting an accurate weather report, to controlling connected smart home technology or organizing your shopping list, the experience is pretty similar to what you’d get south of the border. But using this unsupported product isn’t without it’s drawbacks.

    Watch our new episode of All Hands on Tech above to see what the grey market Google Home experience is like in Canada today.

    Last week we got a first look at the BlackBerry KeyOne ahead of its launch here in Canada. If you’re a fan of keyboards on smartphones, then you’ll want to checkout this device releasing later this month.