If you think the upcoming Xbox One gaming console from Microsoft is just about games like Halo, think again. Recently, during the Toronto International Film Festival, we spoke with Microsoft Canada about how the XBox One can be a platform for people working from home to stay in touch with the office.

Microsoft Skype and Microsoft Lync are among the collaboration tools that will be accessible through the Xbox One, which is scheduled to launch Nov. 22. While the focus will be on gaming and entertainment, for those days when you’re working from home Microsoft said the Xxox One will be able to help you keep in touch with the office.

  • noah

    But why use it over the smartphone or laptop you likely already own? This is a strange proposition from Microsoft. I’m not even sure I’d like people to see me head-to-toe, sitting on my living room couch. We all know telecommuting means working in your underwear. With Skype in the living room, I now have to put on pants, hide the drug/alcohol paraphernalia, and take down my Naruto posters. To it’s benefit, it would let you better communicate or pick up on some body language.

    • Homer

      It’s funny cause its true.