LGBTQ2S+ Voices in IT | Community Story – Sandeep Nair


    Sandeep Nair is the manager of business operations for Pride at Work Canada.

    Growing up in India, Nair shared how being part of the LGBTQ+ community is still a social stigma.

    He said until 2018 it was still a crime to be a gay man.

    “I think I have lived pretty much all my life you know fighting that stigma, fighting that ostracization and discrimination,” he said.


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    Nair said as a child he always felt different and that difference brought many challenges.

    “I needed to understand that It was not my fault, but I always thought it was.”

    He did not know there were other gay men out there because no one in India spoke about it.

    Nair said that sex and sexuality, in general, was a taboo subject growing up.

    When Nair was older he was able to start over and choose a career in the diversity and inclusion space.

    He shared how he was able to learn about homosexuality.

    “I did learn a lot about the legal aspect of it, I did learn about the different terminologies, I did learn about the issues of transphobia and biphobia and homophobia in India.”

    Working in a sector that focuses on inclusion has allowed Nair to grow and feel proud about helping others.

    He said often people thank him for the work he does and it is impactful knowing he is making a positive difference in someone else’s life.