HP EliteBook 1020 aims to please users and IT admins


    HP Inc. announced a new addition to its business-class notebook line on Tuesday with the HP EliteBook Folio 1020.

    Actually two different notebooks because it comes in both a touchscreen version and a non-touch version, this is a Windows 8.1 notebook aimed at executives. Not only is it very sleek and light weight, it also offers excellent build quality that is up to military specs standards. A special blend of magnesium-lithium allow and carbon fibre is the secret to this notebook’s lightweight body and strong construction. ITBusiness.ca got a chance to test out the new notebook at a demo in New York City.

    Holding the notebook, you can really feel how light it is compared to what you’d expect from a device this size. It almost feels like you’re picking up a tablet rather than a laptop.

    Other build-quality considerations have been made here by HP, including a keyboard that offers perfectly consistent pressure across each individual key. While this is hard to notice from a short typing exercise, typing on the laptop was a pleasant experience and resulted in no wrist pains to speak of. Also, the notebook promises to operate almost silently since there is no fan and no spinning hard drive – it uses a solid state disc.

    The notebooks will also please IT departments by coming with HP’s Client Management Solutions, Intel vPro technology, and optional LANDesk so the devices can be outfitted to comply with any company IT policies.

    The device has a 12.5-inch quad HD screen and it’s made with videoconferencing in mind. It has a 720p webcam and HP Noise Reduction Software to reduce environmental sound.

    So far we know the notebooks will be available in January, but not the pricing for the two different models of the HP EliteBook Folio 1020.