Ford’s autonomous vehicle future


    Cars. Vans. SUVs. One fancy race car. But don’t be fooled. Things at the century-old auto maker are changing quickly. In just a few years, Ford’s product lineup could look completely different.

    The auto maker is serious about its plans to see a self-driving fleet of cars hit the pavement by 2021. It’s acquired a spate of of tech startups to help it transform the company from the inside, and the company has an entirely new strategy around collaborating with outsiders. For example, rather than keep its AppLink platform proprietary, it’s sharing the source code with developers, which has led to a slew of smartphone apps that connect with the system.

    As with many others, Ford is serious about digital transformation. In the video above, Brian Jackson takes on the 2017 Canadian International Auto Show to see how exactly Ford is riding the digital transformation wave, and what types of cars we could see come out of the auto maker down the line.