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Hashtag Trending March. 1- LastPass’ senior developer PC hacked, Elon Musk to challenge ‘woke’ OpenAI, the car that repossesses itself if you miss payments

Last Pass admits that a DevOps engineer’s home computer was hacked in last year’s attack, Elon Musk wants to challenge the “woke” OpenAI and...

Ford chief says electric vehicles require 40 per cent less labor

According to Jim Farley, CEO of Ford, the production of electric vehicles requires about 40 per cent less manpower than the production of the same number of fossil vehicles.

Hashtag Trending Nov. 18 – EV saves production labour; India sets standards for universal charging; Facebook removes details from bios

Electric vehicles are more efficient to produce, India wants to use USB-C for universal charger, and Facebook to remove a few personal details from...

Ford and Volkswagen suspend support for joint robotaxi project

Ford and Volkswagen are ending support for their joint autonomous driving robotaxi division, Argo AI, after investing $3.6 billion.

Ford cuts 3,000 Payroll and Contract Jobs

Ford Motor has announced plans to cut 3,000 payroll and contract jobs, mainly in North America and India, as the company moves to develop software-driven electric vehicles.

Hashtag Trending June 9 – IBM layoff in Russia; FBI shuts down SSN marketplace; Elon Musk threatens to ditch Twitter deal

IBM begins laying off its workforce in Russia, the FBI seizes a platform that sells stolen personal information, and Elon Musk threatens to walk...

Hashtag Trending June 7 – Taiwan chip restrictions; engineer sues Amazon for WFH costs; Ford wants to sell EVs online

Taiwan places harsh chip export restrictions on Russia and Belarus, a software engineer is suing Amazon for work-from-home costs, and Ford wants to move all EV sales online.

Material Shortage Forces Ford to Suspend Production At Plant

U.S. automaker Ford Motors will temporarily cease production at its Hermosillo plant in the Mexican state of Sonora.

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