CIO to CIO – Collaboration – The IT Investment of the Decade


    New technologies are changing every aspect of the way we work – and the way we work together. In this episode we tackle the overall questions that many companies are asking.

    • What is collaboration and how is it built?
    • What are the real benefits and how do we measure them?
    • How do we set priorities?
    • What are the 5 pillars – the strategic technologies that enable collaboration?


    CIO to CIOCIO to CIO is a special production of CanadianCIO TV. It’s a multi-episode series where we delve into in-depth discussions on the strategic use of technology. Our subjects are leaders in their field from major Canadian to international technology and business executives. It walks you through the successes and the lessons learned from Cisco’s internal applications of collaborative technology. From BYOD to Enterprise Apps, this series includes insight into a roadmap for building the new collaborative enterprise. View the series

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