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Samsung BlackJack

The Samsung BlackJack is both cute and packed with features. But has it, like some of its competitors, got too small for comfort?

AOL buys MusicNow, aims for top spot

Looking to boost its presence in the digital music market, America Online Inc. (AOL) has acquired music subscription provider MusicNow from Circuit City Stores Inc., AOL announced Thursday. The acquisition agreement was signed at the end of September and the deal, whose financial terms weren't disclosed, closed this week, AOL said.

Microsoft is ready to remove media player for E.U.

Microsoft Corp. will be ready to comply with the European Commission's demands for changes to its Windows operating systems if a European court rejects its request for the measures to be suspended, a spokesman for the company said Monday.

Real CEO says EU-MS ruling ‘right,’ may help lawsuit

With the sting of the European Commission's antitrust ruling against Microsoft Corp. still fresh, RealNetworks Inc. head Rob Glaser appeared in London on Wednesday endorsing the Commission's decision as more solid than the U.S. settlement, and predicting that it would aid his company's private suit against the software giant.

Microsoft releases March security updates

Microsoft Corp. continued its policy of releasing monthly security updates with three new software patches on Tuesday, including fixes for the MSN Messenger instant messaging program, Windows Media Services and the Outlook e-mail client.

Microsoft seals U.K. schools deal

The British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (BECTA) has done a deal with Microsoft Corp. that means U.K. schools may save up to 37 per cent when they choose to buy equipment from that company.

Orange, AT&T to offer Windows-based phones

Motorola Inc. and Microsoft Corp. launched a clamshell format cell phone Monday, based on Microsoft's Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone software.

Microsoft keeps doing it all wrong

In the last few weeks I have been increasingly annoyed and disturbed by what I see as Microsoft's strange decisions about software architectures and its apparent unwillingness or inability to fix the problems that it creates.

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