Articles Related to Web server

EdgeBOX phone system provides routing, print and file server capabilities

New routing appliance from Critical link is the new version of the office-in-a-box

Eight worst Windows flaws of the decade

Errors buried in millions of code have steered great corporations and turned the tide of fortunes. It's high time these flaws get the credit they deserve...

Barracuda brings Web server firewall to the masses

Leveraging technology it acquired last year from buying Net Continuum, Barracuda brings out three Web Site Firewall appliances

Industry ponders BEA, Oracle product overlaps

The two companies have been fierce competitors particularly in the application server arena, but analysts wonder if the proposed acquisition deal is just about buying another customer list

IIS twice as likely malware host, according to Google research

Web sites running Microsoft Corp.’s Web server software are twice as likely to be hosting malicious code as other Web sites, according to research...

Open source scaling app stack

The evangelism phase is over; analysts agree that open source no longer has to fight to be viewed as a sound option in corporate IT deployments. The next step, they say, is to widen open source

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