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Public skeptical over privacy protection in Sidewalk Labs’ Toronto waterfront plan

At the first public consultation on the proposed plan several speakers worried about the possible collection of publicly-identifiable data

Sidewalk Labs decision to offload tough decisions on privacy to third party is wrong, says its former consultant

Absent of an independent group that would oversee all digital innovations, as well as strict guidelines that would force any proposed project collecting or using urban data to de-identify personally identifiable data at source, Sidewalk Labs publicly released its 1,500-page draft Master Innovation and Development Plan for Toronto’s eastern waterfront.

Sidewalk Toronto: While waiting for plan, consider these conflicting papers

The master plan for the so-called smart community is about to be released. Two sides of the controversy were recently revealed

Civil Liberties Association follows through on threat to sue Toronto smart community

Head of group calls Canadians "lab rats" if so-called smart community on the waterfront goes ahead

Hit the reset button on Sidewalk Toronto or face legal action, civil liberties association tells government

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA), a civil society dedicated to defending Canadian rights and freedoms, has threatened legal action against Waterfront Toronto and...

Let Toronto Public Library hold smart city data, says Board of Trade

Report suggests taking data governance control over Toronto's planned smart city neighborhood completely away from a Google affiliate and the public agency overseeing the waterfront

Sidewalk Labs got more info than others before Toronto waterfront RFP issued: Ontario auditor

Provincial auditor says Google affiliate had a leg up on others. but Waterfront Toronto says it didn't have an unfair advantage

Did a Sidewalk Labs ‘misunderstanding’ about privacy lead to Cavoukian’s resignation?

Canadian privacy expert Ann Cavoukian resigned from her advisory role to Sidewalk Lab's Toronto waterfront community project, fearing data collected in the neighborhood won't be immediately anonymized. But the projects privacy advisor says Sidewalk may have made a mistake. Read why

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