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Flaw in Cisco VoIP phones allows hackers to intercept conversations

A vulnerability in certain Cisco phones could allow an unauthenticated remote attacker to listen to the audio stream

Ford enlists 50,000 VoIP phones

Ford Motor Co.'s decision to pay SBC Communications Inc. US$100 million to deploy and manage a network of 50,000 VoIP phones is being touted by the carmaker as a money saver as the carrier plays up its entry into the heavyweight division of VoIP vendors.

Courthouse, city pushing Wi-Fi networks

U.S. city and county governments are embracing Wi-Fi technology to provide high-speed data service to public safety agencies and Internet access to citizens, and now Bernalillo County, N.M., has adopted the technology to support Internet access for judges, lawyers and jurors in its courthouse.

Boeing bets big on Cisco with VoIP system for 150,000

The Boeing Co. last week said it will install up to 150,000 voice-over-IP phones and other networking equipment from Cisco Systems Inc. over the next five to seven years -- a project that analysts called the largest VoIP deployment thus far involving one vendor.

Alaska kills $100M voice and data contract

Alaska's state government this week said it has terminated a US$100 million voice and data communications contract with Alaska Communications Systems Group Inc. (ACS), citing delays in an installation of voice-over-IP phones.

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