Articles Related to virtualization software

Data centre virtualization increasingly popular, report says

Going virtual is becoming a real answer for data center managers, according to a survey of large and small businesses.

Are you being (virtually) served?

Data center managers have adopted server virtualization wholeheartedly in the past year, across a variety of businesses, and for nearly every kind of application.

Virtualization drives real benefits at Canadian Securities Institute

The Canadian Securities Institute (CSI Global Education Inc.) says its adoption of server virtualization technology has helped it to dramatically reduce the number of physical servers it uses, while providing e-learning services to some 40,000 students.

SANs get sensible

Until recently, SANs have had a mixed reception. Users have praised their flexibility and performance but criticized their cost, complexity and lack of interoperability. New products have finally begun to address those problems.

Software gives IT managers fewer disks to manage

As storage networks continue to grow in size and value, companies are finding that storage virtualization tools enable them to better manage their storage resources and optimize their data.

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