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Toronto startup wants to cut the time it takes for Canadian startups to scale in half

It takes roughly 10 years for Canadian startups to scale. Highline Beta is working towards cutting that time in half. 

Canadian venture capital sufficiency study: Key takeaways

Canada ranks third in absolute venture capital (VC) dollars invested, but businesses that rely exclusively on U.S. and other foreign funding in their Series A round raise more money than Canadian-financed firms, according to a study from the University of Toronto's Impact Centre.

Cyberport: Inside Hong Kong’s unicorn factory

Pierre Mouette is a two-time entrepreneur that was born in Paris, met the co-founder of his current firm in Hong Kong, and is looking...

Tech Sector Growth Map of Canada updated for 2018 – Focus on Toronto

New venture capital investments data shows that the tech startup scene is heating up in Canada. See our map for all the top deals.

Innovation momentum can help shore up jobs lost to automation

OPINION The new tech revolution promises to bring potentially big gains in productivity and prosperity. Driverless vehicles, blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning, robotics, the...

Inaugural Startup World Cup will crown its first Canadian winner at this week’s CIX

Twenty of Canada's most innovative startups are getting a boost this year from the World Cup of venture capital - literally. The inaugural Startup World...

Jevon MacDonald returns with new startup, Manifold, ‘by developers for developers’

Manifold announces $15 million in venture capital funding and describes how it's solving the problem of using various cloud services to build applications.

Boeing launches ‘innovation cell’ and invests in AR software

Boeing has launched an innovation cell and is investing in an augmented reality software firm.

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