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Hashtag Trending March.17 – The future of robots, TikTok spying, Apple and AI

Could a robot be your next customer?  Tik Tok is spying on Americans. And why is Apple so silent when it comes to AI? Welcome...

Senate Bill To Prohibit Data Brokers From Selling Location And Health Data

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has introduced a bill to ban data brokers from selling Americans’ location and health information.

Dozens Of Companies Back U.S. Bill To Reign In Big Tech

Dozens of companies have shown their support for the U.S. law curtailing the powers of large technology companies, and their position was made clear in the letter sent to members of the U.S. Congress on Monday.

Meta Faces Eight Lawsuits For Using Social Media To Harm Children

Last week, eight lawsuits were filed in federal courts in several states against Facebook’s parent company Meta, accusing it of harming young users in the United States with its social media algorithms.

Fed Revoked Master Account For Controversial Fintech – Republican Senator

Republican Senator Pat Toomey is demanding an explanation from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City after it allegedly revoked a coveted master account that was initially granted to fintech company, Reserve Trust.

Tech Giants Urge Biden Administration To Protect Young Foreigners From Deportation

Tech companies have called on the Biden administration to protect young employment-based immigrants who risk losing their U.S. immigration status because of delays in processing their permanent residency.

Cloud computing and government security considerations

Developing and implementing security considerations remains one of the most difficult tasks that government IT people face. Here are three examples of governments and organizations who have been processing security considerations with regards to a move into cloud computing

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