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CIOs with unlicensed software are courting trouble: BSA

It’s time to pay for that business software, says business software advocacy group.

Computer use policies not clear for many workers: survey

The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Calgary makes it clear to students every time they turn on their PCs that certain computer activities are unwelcome. Judging from a survey conducted on behalf of a Canadian anti-piracy organization, many corporations could learn something about computer management from this school.

SA group launches software piracy investigation

The Business Software Alliance's (BSA) truce on software piracy drew to a close last week with 215 registrations to legalize pirated or unlicensed software. In addition, 188 companies that failed to register and take advantage of the truce could now face investigation for alleged software piracy.

CAAST halts month-long software cease-fire

Businesses in Montreal and Quebec City are being reminded they have less than two weeks left to review their software programs and obtain licenses for all pirated software.

Hong Kong antipiracy reward scheme announced

The U.S.-based Business Software Alliance (BSA) and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) Customs and Excise Department announced a scheme to reward persons providing information on companies using illegal software at a joint press conference Tuesday.

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