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RomCom RAT found in applications from spoofed Veeam, SolarWinds and KeePass websites

The threat actor is spoofing real sites of software companies to trick victims into donwlading compromised applications

Database administrators urged to tighten security against RAT

Researchers say attackers are hunting for vulnerable Microsoft SQL and MySQL databases

Ukrainian power attack a wake-up call, says Canadian utility CIRO

Malware that temporarily shut down power system delivered through Microsoft Word macro

New Dyre bank trojan variant lures victims to phony contact centre

IBM has warned organizations to watch for new malware that has tricked employees into giving up passwords

New Android SMS Trojan goes global, hits Canada especially hard

No one wants to own this podium, but Canada is tied for the global top spot in number of users affected

Apple Trojan infection shows weekend decline

But 50,000 UK users could be infected

FAQ, What’s the big deal about Duqu?

It could pose a grave threat to the industrial control systems

Network security threats to watch in 2010

Good patching procedures and outbound firewall rules will go far in protecting your organization from botnets, but hackers are now targeting Adobe Acrobat, the Symbian mobile operating system and other software. How to protect yourself from the threats of 2010

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