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Hashtag Trending May 16- Trend Micro discovers Android phones shipped with malware; EU approves Microsoft-Activision Blizzard deal; Google employees poke fun at AI products...

Android phones are being shipped with malware already installed, EU approved Microsoft-Activision deal, Google employees poke fun at AI products revealed at the I/O...

Toronto Pwn2Own hacking contest awards over $980,000 to bug hunters

Security researchers picked up US$989,750 in prizes for demonstrating 63 unique zero day vulnerabilities in consumer and small office products during the four-day Toronto...

Toronto Pwn2Own exploit contest starts with US$40,000 awarded

The first Toronto edition of Trend Micro's Pwn2Own hacking contest began Tuesday, with individuals or teams from a number of countries attempting to break...

Ransomware attackers expand the attack surface. This Week in Ransomware – Friday, Sept 2

Ransomware continues to grow and expand, both in the number of attackers and the number of potential victims. This week we feature some of...

Cyberattacks on Linux Devices soar

Cybersecurity researchers from Trend Micro have noted a jump of 75 per cent over the previous year in the number of ransomware attacks on Linux users. In addition to ransomware groups, there is also a 145 per cent increase in Linux-based cryptocurrency mining malware attacks.

Open cybersecurity framework may be a boon for SIEMs, data analysts

Framework backed by leading companies like AWS, Splunk, IBM, CloudFlare, Paolo Alto Netwokrs and others creates a data interchange forma

IT leaders admit having blind spots in attack surface visibility: Report

62 per cent of respondents to a Trend Micro survey admit they can't see all of their attack surface

How To Fix Trend Micro Antivirus That Modifies Windows Registry By Mistake

Trend Micro has fixed a technical issue causing Microsoft Edge updates to be marked as malware and the Windows registry to be incorrectly modified. According to customer reports, the false positive issue affecting update packages are stored in the Microsoft Edge installation folder. To address the issue, the cybersecurity software maker urged customers to update […]

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