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Lost Packets: Networking News and Trivia

To help visitors overcome the language barrier during the 2008 Olympics, Chinese services company CapInfo has made a Motorola flip-phone speak Chinese. Using GPRS technology, the handset will be a guidebook containing text, images and videos about historic sites and directions to those sites as well as other places like hotels and restaurants.

Nortel unveils metropolitan optical portfolio

Nortel Networks Inc. unveiled a series of components intended to boost performance and decrease costs for metropolitan optical networks during a conference of fibre-optic engineers in Baltimore, Md., on Monday.

Make the most out of spectrum allocation

Spectrum for the wireless market is like waterfront property. It

Lucent enhances 3G base station

Lucent Technologies Inc. is enhancing its Flexent OneBTS base station to provide wireless telecommunication operators with expanded network coverage and capacity for UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) and cdma2000 (code division multiple access 2000) networks, the company said Wednesday.

Crossing the wireless security gap

Organizations have high hopes for wireless commerce. Bob Egan, an analyst at Stamford, Conn.-based Gartner Group Inc., calls wireless "the growth hormone for e-commerce." But before wireless e-commerce or even wireless access to the corporate network takes off, organizations are going to have to nail down wireless security.

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