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IT Hero Awards: WiFi-enabled canine search and rescue pack, Web-based CT scan bag awards

Ryerson professor Alexander Ferworn and GE Healthcare win the ITAC IT Hero Awards. With VIDEO

New GPS unit ideal for search and rescue teams: Survivorman

A new satellite-based communication device from Globalstar could be of great use to the federal government's search and rescue efforts, according to no less of an authority than Les Stroud, aka TV's Survivorman.

British ISPs may be forced to chop service to stop theft

Britons who illegally download movies and music could have their Internet service stopped under a proposal being quietly circulated by the government.

U.S. broadcasters fight for white space

The association of television broadcasters has launched a campaign designed to persuade the Federal Communications Commission not to allow portable wireless Internet services in the so-called

Vendors extend wireless location-tracking products

A trio of vendors are adding or extending their wireless products for location services and tracking.

Electronic pill to track gastrointestinal problem

By the end of the year, patients suffering from a painful gastrointestinal (GI) problem will be able to swallow a vitamin-sized electronic "pill" that can collect data from their bodies and wirelessly send it to a nearby device.

Shark tank

Who’s calling? New sales rep tells pilot fish she needs to change the name that comes up when she makes calls using her company-issued...

Big Blue eyes video and security integration

Hoping to tap the burgeoning market for digital video surveillance, IBM Corp. on Tuesday rolled out new consulting, integration, and deployment services aimed at the government, travel, and transportation markets.

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