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Quebec based company enhances its online legal services with AI

Quebec-based Neolegal has introduced a suite of new tools that use artificial intelligence to service customers.  The company, which specializes in the automation of processes...

Shopify Unveils New Tools To Help Merchants Boost Sales

On Wednesday, Shopify unveiled more than 100 new tools to help its merchants sell to other businesses.

Microsoft To Stop Selling Tech That Guesses Emotions Using Facial Image

Microsoft has announced it will stop selling technology that can guess emotions based on a facial image.

Employees unclear about surveillance in their workplace, new report reveals

A new report from Capterra has found that more than a third of Canadian employees are being monitored with software at work. The survey of...

Toronto-based company launches platform to help solve podcasters’ challenges

CoHost, a Toronto-based podcasting platform which launched earlier this month, is helping podcasters with one of their biggest challenges—audience growth. The company combines a suite...

Shedding business complexity leads to simplified cybersecurity

For many years, cybersecurity teams have let technology drive their strategy. Yet sound security practices also depend on people having clear and repeatable processes...

Binary Tree software update helps move folders to Office 365

E2E Complete now has ability to move thousands of folders to the cloud

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