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IBM, SGI win Linux supercomputer deals in Asia

IBM Corp. and Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) have won contracts to supply Linux-based supercomputers to a Korean national university and a Japanese nuclear research institute, the two companies said Thursday.

NSF helps fund grid computing project

The U.S. government-funded TeraGrid project has received the green light to move forward with another stage, one that calls for the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh to join the grid, which already links computer centers at four other research facilities and universities.

IBM rolls out one of the world’s fastest supercomputers

IBM Corp. on Friday rolled out a Unix-based supercomputer capable of churning out up to a half trillion operations a second and that will be aimed at applications involving scientific and computing and business intelligence.

US government gives IBM’s ASCI White a public debut

Touted as the fastest supercomputer in the world, IBM Corp.'s ASCI White was given a public dedication at California's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Wednesday where researchers showed the first scientific data obtained using the system.

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