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Nokia, HP partner in telco cloud campaign

Nokia and HP will also provide technical, services and commercial capabilities needed to deliver, maintain and operate telco clouds

African UN initiative urges universal telecom fund

As access to the Internet remains limited in many rural areas in Africa, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), through its African Information Society Initiative (AISI), is looking at ways to expand online usage, especially in remote areas of the continent.

Experts wonder: is telecom dead?

There was one question on the minds of technology leaders attending the Etre conference in Cannes on Tuesday: "Is telecom dead?" Paradoxically, however, whether they answered yes or no, they pointed to the same reason: Skype.

Carrier spending not expected to rise

Just when you thought the news couldn't get any worse, New York-based financial services firm UBS Warburg LLC said last month that carriers have already spent as aggressively as they will from quarter to quarter this year.

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