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ITU wants to drive Net access in developing countries

Report calls for national plans to speed up broadband roll out and stimulate the development of new digital services

Website attacks raise questions about African data security

Hackers are increasingly hitting local government websitesrn

Study eyes South African link to undersea cable system

However, fears remain that some landlocked countries can't connect to the East Africa Submarine Cable System due to lack of funds and the long distance to landing stations...

Rwanda to open OLPC learning centre

Rwanda has so far ordered 100,000 laptops worth more than $18 million from the One Laptop Per Child initiative in preparation for opening a pilot OLPC learning centre

Nokia opens research office in Africa

Goal of handset manufacturer is to develop prototypes of devices for the people on the continent. The team's leader says its focus will be on mobile services relevant to young Africans

Zambia to invest more in infrastructure development

The money could help ease congestion at a satellite station, which has been causing communications problems. A consumer group claims the nation's telecom sector is at risk of collapsing

Rwanda gets locally made handsets

A Chinese electronics company has started making cellphone handsets in the African country, with sales set to begin next month. Eventually the devices will be sold in 21 countries on the continent

Telecom tower construction may be suspended

Wireless companies in three African countries have been warned about building towers in residential or ecologically sensitive areas

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