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Ericsson whistleblower hits jackpot with US$279M payout

Additional activity relating to the resolved bribery case with Swedish telecommunications firm Ericsson and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) occurred last week, with...

Champagne orders telcos to produce clear resiliency plan in 60 days

The national outage of telecom services that millions of Canadians experienced in the last few days is “unacceptable -- full stop,” federal Minister of...

CEBIT : German IT, telecom market swings back

Businesses, consumers and network operators in Germany are buying more

Telecom equipment shakeout predicted in 2002

Network equipment users will find fewer avenues to seek new equipment, as the big international vendors like Brampton, Ont.-based Nortel Networks Corp. and Motorola Inc. pull out of some markets to focus on their core lines of business, a market study from Stamford, Conn.-based Gartner Inc. predicted on Monday.

Telecom equipment shakeout predicted in 2002

Global competition drove a wedge in the cozy relationships between telecommunication and network equipment suppliers and the big businesses and telecommunication service providers buying their products. And it seems times are changing again.

Datasweep, KPMG collaborate on supply chain

Datasweep Inc. and KPMG Consulting Inc. recently announced a partnership to deliver Web-based supply chain solutions to high-technology manufacturing companies.

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