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Integrators, ISVs help spread SOA in Asia

A new study shows vendors are getting help in spreading the technology

Companies move to combine physical, IT security efforts

Late last year, Howard Schmidt, Microsoft Corp.'s director of security, quietly wrestled the software vendor's physical and IT security functions into one burgeoning unit that's now dubbed the information assurance program.

Good Technology Management is Never Enough

Organizations that depend on IT need good technology management. That's obvious. What is not as obvious (except to good technology managers) is that good technology management is never enough. Unless you've got executives who understand the strategic challenges and opportunities of this technology and how to leverage it to meet their business objectives, your organization will always take a back seat to those organizations whose management actively accept as their responsibility the task of creating new business value from IT.

Watch out for on-line r

A popular cartoon depicts a cagey canine sitting at a computer composing his r

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