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DevOps is maturing, but teams are plagued by alert fatigue and still lack information to solve problems

The state of on-call is getting better, according to the annual VictorOps survey, as automation tools are adopted, but it’s still a highly stressful gig

Telework doesn’t affect leaders’ performance: Ivey

The report from the London, Ont.-based Richard Ivey School of Business found that transformational business leaders with good communication skills can lead just as effectively face-to-face as they can remotely. Find out what impact this finding could have on enterprise IT shops

Rogue antivirus program comes with tech support

Live PC has online support designed to convince victims that the product is legitimate. The agent answers queries by instant message. Symantec Corp. warns support staff try to persuade users to buy products for up to US$100.

18,000 VW-riding geeks drive Best Buy’s success

Best Buy's Beetle-riding tech support teams have been credited for bumping up the company's annual sales numbers by as much as $6.2 million. Bob Willet, Best Buy CEO, reveals how IT shops can achieve ambitious projects and empower teams to innovate

Mysteries of the broadband world

Recently, two scientists won the Nobel Prize in physics for providing

Editorial Viewpoint – They

Recently I had to make a purchase from a major retailer via the telephone and I felt a lot like that guy in the TV commercial who calls in for customer support and can


If you thought the quality of the software you

Microsoft plans for expansion in India

Microsoft Corp. is planning a number of moves that will increase and potentially consolidate its development activities in India, according to company officials and sources.

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