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UN tests RFID tech to speed up snail mail

A UN agency is turning to cheap, standardized Radio Frequency Identification tags to speed up its international postal delivery

BMO dishes out Web app performance advice

The financial services giant lays out why it can

4 simple ways to stay in the loop on your iPhone

Need to get your news fix? Just have to listen to that podcast on the go? Or have you stumbled onto something you think the whole world should know? Here are four easy ways to stay in loop with your iPhone

Microsoft gets sued over Silverlight

Gotuit Media complains Silverlight infringes on three patents because it gives users a means to enhance video with metadata tags to search and navigate videos. It also accuses Microsoft of infringing on its patents with its upcoming on-demand video coverage of the Beijing Olympics.

Finjan finds database of stolen FTP credentials

The stolen credentials belong to companies from around the world and include more than 2,500 North American companies, some of whose Web sites are among the world's top 100 domains

Recall Canada strives for

Speed, unprecedented accuracy, and a document management process that saves customers time, money and minimizes the risk of public exposure

RFID system devised to track conference attendees

Alberta-based Database Information Services (DBiTS) is testing a radio frequency identification device (RFID) system that tracks and stores conference registrants

A dictionary of markup languages

There's an alphabet soup of tools with which to create and share information. Here's how to make sense of them all

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