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Lenovo opens doors in South Africa

Last week saw IBM's personal computer division (PCD) officially begin the transition to becoming Lenovo, following its recent US$1.8 billion sale.The change in South Africa, says Rashid Wally, country GM for Lenovo, should be seamless, as the entire PCD division has migrated to Lenovo. "The 'Think' brand will also remain the same," he says, "but potentially we have a much wider portfolio of product to offer local businesses and consumers, as and when markets for these products develop."

Integrators catch the wave

In what could be a harbinger of future systems integrator deals, KPMG Consulting Inc. has partnered with Iona Technologies PLC in a deal designed to leverage Web services to ease EAI (enterprise application integration) woes.

CRM for the people

Customer relationship management is in need of changes fast. Wrong perceptions and bad execution could take it down a path it doesn

Wireless, software vendors must cooperate: study

The wireless enterprise market will stagnate unless cellular operators and software vendors align their interests to develop strategies that would help organizations provide remote access of corporate data and applications to their mobile workers, according to U.K.-based research and consulting firm Ovum Ltd.

Technology vendors move into consulting

Technology vendors walk a dangerous line. If a new implementation fails, regardless where the fault lies, they are most often caught holding the ball. Systems integrators and resellers are often the first help call, but when all else goes wrong the creator of the technology is blamed for the insufficiencies of the solution, and never mind that it might be resistant employees or faulty processes causing the mayhem.

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