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Symantec sheds light on stealthy Regin malware

The design of Regin lends itself to long-term surveillance and cyber espionage operations

Industry association to bolster SCADA security

Goal is to determine if organizations that are following the ISA 99 standard would have been able to fend off a Stuxnet-like worm attack


The security vendor advises enterprises be prepared against these five threats in 2011. Don

Beware Stuxnet, the new breed of cyber destruction

The devious worm first discovered in Iran in July and built to attack the physical world that is industrial control systems is not your run-of-the-mill threat, warns a Symantec expert. The new era of cyber attacks on the smart devices that manage your life

Was Stuxnet built to attack Iran’s nuclear program?

A German security researcher says a worm designed to target software for industrial systems made by Siemens AG may have had Iran

Stuxnet industrial worm was written over a year ago

Stuxnet, which targets supervisory control and data acquisition systems made by Siemens AG, was created as early as June, 2009, according to Symantec Corp. researchers. Some claim the malware creators stole encryption keys made by Realtek Semiconductor Corp. and JMicron Technology Corp.

Siemens: Removing SCADA worm may harm plants

German manufacturer Siemens AG warned users that removing the Stuxnet worm discovered last week could affect industrial operations. The malicious software is written for supervisory control and data acquisition systems.

Microsoft confirms ‘nasty’ Windows zero-day bug

Hackers are using Windows shortcut files in conjunction with the Stuxnet malware, according to Microsoft Corp. A Sophos official warns users of USB flash drives

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