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WikiLeaks moves to Amazon after DOS attacks

Hacker dubbed 'The Jester' claims responsibility for attacks, says F-Secure exec

CSI panel: security managers need a bigger business focus

Regulatory compliance requirements and concerns over data compromises have elevated the importance of information security issues in corporate boardrooms, according to panelists at the 32nd annual conference organized by the Computer Security Institute. And that trend is lending urgency to the need for security managers to adopt a more business-oriented approach to their jobs.

State Department visa system disrupted by virus

A computer virus yesterday disabled a portion of the State Department's domestic enterprise network, forcing the agency to halt overseas screenings of visa applicants for criminal histories and links to terrorism, a department official confirmed Wednesday.

Feature: A sorry state

The U.S. Department of State's IT infrastructure is so antiquated and cumbersome that some fear it is dangerously inadequate for the task of representing U.S. interests abroad.

U.S. State Department to punish six over missing laptop

The U.S. State Department said Tuesday it is planning disciplinary action against six employees in connection with a laptop computer that was reported missing in January and is believed to have contained top-secret information.

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