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Puzzle fans warned of Excel-based Sudoku malware

Beware, some Microsoft Excel-based Sudoku generator spreadsheets may contain malware-laden macros, says Sophos

7 great Google spreadsheet gadgets

One of the best-kept secrets of Google Docs, these gadgets add powerful features to your spreadsheets

How many missing BlackBerries do you have?

Most companies are paying for telecom services they don

Washington embraces Google technology

D.C. government switches to enterprise version of Google Apps for two reasons.

CEO, Jedox GmbH

Jedox's Palo server stores and parses company data according to a number of dimensions, unlike the 2-D format of Microsoft's ubiquitous spreadsheet. How to synch, slice and dice

Linux could be a smart choice for smartphones

In five years, one third of all smart phone users will have the open source OS on their device, according to a study recently released by the New York City-based ABI Research. How IT managers should prepare

Hartco bids adieu to Excel with new consolidation tool

More time to analyze the numbers, and less time to generate them. That

New worm tries to score in wake of World Cup

World Cup soccer fans should be aware of a new worm being circulated by e-mail with the German-language message "WM-Tickets" or "Weltmeisterschaft," security vendor Sophos PLC warned.

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