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Businesses shouldn

The Burnaby, B.C.-based USB extension firm praises USB 3.0, but only for some consumer-related technologies. Plus, commentary from In-Stat analyst Brian O


At a telco-sponsored roundtable, a business school professor says many organizations don't know how to take advantage of high speed wireless data networks, while a consultant says they'll figure it out

Report dismisses claims Canada lags in broadband

A report funded by phone and cable companies says Canada isn't doing as bad as some studies say. However, an industry analyst says the real issue is lack of competition

Rogers launching next-gen wireless service in two weeks

The network is up in five cities and subscribers can buy a USB modem now, but they'll have to wait a little before taking advantage of zippy speed

Verizon trialing LTE in Boston, Seattle this year

The American carrier has achieved peak data transfer rates of 60 Megabits per second in Long Term Evolution trials so far. It plans to launch commercial service in up to 30 markets next year

Rogers claims wireless speed title

Company advances timetable to start boosting data network speed to 21Mbps in the Toronto area next monthrn

Sourcefire to rollout virtual security tool for VMware machines

Sourcefire 3D System 4.9, now in beta, can be used to inspect traffic between two physical hosts, two virtual machines or between a physical host and a virtual machine

DAVE Wireless to have speedy network

The carrier's network, now under construction for launch early next year, will be based on HSPA+, the latest technology for a GSM system. It's also getting a new name

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