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Hashtag Trending – More Intel processors risk cyber attacks; Walmart website drives sales; Amazon coming to a big screen near you

Intel announces more processor flaws that could leave room for cyber attacks, Walmart’s online stores add to best sales in a deacade and Amazon coming to a big screen near you.

Cyber Security Today: Tougher European privacy rules coming, another computer processor bug found

Today's podcast covers Microsoft and the upcoming GDPR, another CPU vulnerability and an expansion of the Roaming Mantis malware

Hashtag Trending – 3D holograms now possible, Google Chrome mutes annoying sites, Apple dives into healthcare

Scientists figure out how to project 3D images into thin air, Google Chrome now lets you mute annoying websites, and Apple’s latest operating system update lets you save all your medical records.

Intel urges halt to installing its Meltdown/Spectre patches

Buggy patch causes reboot problems on Broadwell and Haswell platforms, says chipmaker

Quebecer launches class action against Intel over Meltdown/Spectre

Lawsuit, which has yet to be certified by a judge, alleges Intel should have known about 'design defect', demands company repair or replace CPUs

Patching for Meltdown/Spectre: Make sure your AV supplier has the key

Microsoft makes it clear that unless anti-virus product fixes for Meltdown/Spectre are certified set a registry key no future security updates will be installed on systems

Intel CEO addresses Meltdown and Spectre directly at CES

Intel says it has patch plans for the processors its released over the last five years.

Intel, AMD, ARM admit CPU vulnerability; patches could cause large performance hit

Sensitive information including passwords and encryption keys could be exposed, Microsoft and Linux distributors rushing to issue fixes

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