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Hashtag Trending Dec 23 – Cyber criminals impersonating brands using search engine ads; Tesla offers $7500 discount; Robocall company faces $300 million penalty

FBI warns users of cyber criminals impersonating brands using search engine ads, Tesla offers $7500 discount on some cars and a Robocall firm faces...

Canadian IT professionals guarded about security success

Canadian IT and security professionals report lower levels of security program success than their counterparts in the Americas, according to a new survey. The goal...

Spammers busiest mid-week and during business hours, says IBM

An analysis of six months of data shows spam volumes are highest on weekdays, with sharp drops on weekends

Traditional cyber attacks are seeing a resurgence: Cisco

Cyber attacks have rapidly evolved and increased in magnitude over the last few years, and they are showing no signs of slowing down, according to Cisco’s Midyear Cybersecurity Report, published on July 20.

Canada Revenue warning scam uses .MSG attachment

It isn't common to file malware embedded in message files used by Outlook and Exchange, but Trustwave found a recent example

Rising spam a sign that Necurs botnet has returned with new payloads

After a drop in global spam volumes for four years, there's been a leap in the past few months

Five key takeaways from the 2016 ‘State of The Phish’ report

Phishing report reveals that developing a "culture of security awareness" is important in reducing risk

Inside the dark world of spam

Security blogger Brian Krebs' recent book offers a view of how a group of Russians ran spam

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