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Java patch problems remain says researchers

Two new vulnerabilities discovered in Java 7 Update 11 continue to put users in danger or attacks

Blogger posts more than 100 fixes to Windows Vista SP1

The owner of a blog dedicated to software patches has posted online more than 100 fixes he said are expected to be included in Windows Vista Service Pack 1, Microsoft Corp.'s first major update to its latest Windows client OS.

Microsoft pushes OS updates to fight attacks

Microsoft Corp. is pushing out changes that will alter the configuration of its Windows 2000, XP and Windows Server 2003 operating systems to help customers fight off attacks, detected last week, that use Web pages running Internet Information Server (IIS) as launching pads for malicious computer code.

Organizations scramble to patch MS flaws

Organizations that use Microsoft Corp.

SuSE and HP strengthen sales, support ties

It should be easier now for users to buy and maintain some Hewlett-Packard Co. servers running SuSE Linux AG's enterprise operating system thanks to an agreement the two vendors announced Thursday.

U.S.-China hacker brawl draws few Web combatants

Although not exactly a cyberwar, a hacking brawl of sorts erupted earlier this month between Chinese and U.S. combatants.

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