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Hackers can exploit Google Code Search, experts say

Google Inc. has inadvertently given online attackers a new tool. The company's new source-code search engine, unveiled Thursday as a tool to help simplify life for developers, can also be misused to search for software bugs, password information, and even proprietary code that shouldn't have been posted to the Internet in the first place, security experts said.

executive director, Cape IT Initiative

The Western Cape has received a lot of press lately as the South African hub of call centre activity, to the degree that readers would be forgiven for assuming that is all that goes in Cape Town, IT-wise anyway. The region, however, has long been a hub of niche software development activity, and is making its mark in other sectors too.

Offshore guidance

Your company just cleared its first hurdle by deciding to outsource software development, its customer-care call centre or financial business processes to an offshore location. Now where do you go? Who do hire? How do you connect from there to here?

Microsoft, under attack, aims to offer security

Two and a half years after launching its Trustworthy Computing initiative Microsoft Corp. is finding its products the target of escalating attacks, to the extent that some security experts are even warning that the company's Internet Explorer (IE) browser is simply not safe to use.

Microsoft reveals new ‘Greenwich’ name, details

Microsoft Corp. further hoisted the curtain surrounding its real time collaboration and enterprise instant messaging (IM) platform Thursday, revealing the product's official name and saying that it would deliver developer tools in conjunction with the server software.

Polly wanna chat room?

On the Internet, you can never really be sure if you're talking to a man or a woman. Or ...

Sun answers Microsoft with

In a move that appears aimed squarely at Microsoft Corp.'s .Net Internet initiative, Sun Microsystems Inc. this month unveiled the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE), which includes server software, development tools and other products for building Web-based e-commerce applications and services.

Corel scores financing deal with unnamed investor

After announcing it will eliminate 139 jobs in Ireland as part of a US$40 million cost-cutting program,...

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