Articles Related to snapshots

Reduxio seeks to innovate snapshot tech for the flash era with BackDating feature

A startup's first array includes a mechanism it says will allow enterprises to recover data right down to the second in the history in any volume.

Tivoli VP talks storage

Laura Sanders, IBM/Tivoli's newly appointed vice-president for storage software, recently spoke with Network World Senior Editor Deni Connor about how Tivoli storage offerings are positioned from IBM Corp.'s, the company's acquisitions and where she thinks the storage arena is going. Sanders is an 18-year IBM veteran.

Disaster-proofing storage systems

When it comes to data storage, redundancy is never superfluous.

Top financial clearinghouse moves to SAN infrastructure

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corp. (DTCC) is in the middle of a two-year migration from a mostly mainframe and decentralized client-server model to a storage-area network (SAN) that will centrally control more than 15TB of internal data related its to its US$23 trillion worth of securities.

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