Articles Related to SMS

Millions of text messages from bulk service provider found open on the internet

Database of millions of text messages sent through TrueDialog service used by companies and colleges found unencrypted

Reddit breach shows limits of SMS-based two-factor authentication

Experts agree that using SMS for 2FA is dangerous. Read why and what Reddit says about the breach

Hashtag Trending – The text message turns 25, Google’s AI creates an AI child, Ford is testing bionic exoskeletons

The text message celebrates a milestone birthday, Google’s AI built its own AI child, and Ford workers are testing superstrong exoskeletons.

Warning:  Canadian organizations need more urgency on digital transformation

The vast majority of Canadian organizations have yet to cross the digital divide, according to an analyst from IDC Canada. Eighty per cent of...

Engage with Customers In an ultra-connected era

As the world becomes more and more digital, it’s vital for all businesses (from the tiny mom- and-pop shop to the massive corporation) to...

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