Articles Related to smart watches

What the Apple Watch has that Pebble, FitBit and Samsung don’t have

To be released April 24, the Watch is priced at between $349 for the lowest-end model all the way up to $10,000 for the 18-karat gold edition

Government okays e-labelling for wearable technology

Industry Canada introduces new regulations around the use of electronic labels on mobile devices and wearable technology

The eyes have it

Where you're looking when driving could be important if there's a smart watch on a wrist

#ITWCIOT: An ITWC Twitter chat on the Internet of Things

Set aside an hour on July 30 for our online chat on M2M technologies

Canadian teen poised to launch smart watch

Another Canadian entrepreneur is pitting himself against technology giants like Samsung and Sony by building his own smart watch. Nineteen-year-old Simon Tran of Montreal...

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