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Toronto firm’s authentication wearable sees first enterprise deployments

The Toronto-based authentication-by-heartbeat platform has made a deal that will see workers using the wristband in specific industries.

Cloud is at the heart of digital transformation, make sure DevOps is too

Top performers break out services into categories to develop an onboarding platform driven by people and processes

Google courts Canada with free apps push to counter Office 365 surge

Google is courting business customers with its Google for Work initiative, and third party identity provider Centrify is now providing third-party identity management services for Google Apps. Will it persuade more businesses to make the move?

Templeton talks access awareness

Citrix Systems Inc. President and CEO Mark Templeton took time out from the access technologies company

Sun, Microsoft highlight collaboration work

More than a year after they buried the hatchet and announced a collaboration agreement, Microsoft Corp. and Sun Microsystems Inc. spoke at an event Friday about their work together, including steps toward addressing what Sun called customers' top request: single sign-on between Microsoft's Windows Server and Sun's Solaris operating system and Java Enterprise System.

Identity management in the real world

In some cases, narrow identity management solutions will scale up to greater ambitions. In others, the scope may remain small. At both extremes, identity management pays off in very concrete ways when the scope and details are determined by the needs of the business.

IBM hooking .Net into access mgmt.

IBM Corp. next week for the first time will add support for Microsoft Corp.'s .Net development tools to its access management software, letting corporations build support for IBM's identity management platform directly into Windows-based applications.

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