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SickKids hospital has restored 80 per cent of priority IT systems

The Toronto hospital's electronic medical records system wasn't affected in the ransomware attack

Ransomware gang gives decryptor to Toronto’s SickKids Hospital

LockBit ransomware gang blames an unnamed affiliate for hitting the hospital, and claims that violated its so-called rules

Breaking news: Ransomware gang gives decryptor to Toronto’s SickKids Hospital

In a New Year’s Eve apology, the LockBit ransomware gang has expressed regret for attacking Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children and sent a free decryptor so files can be unscrambled.

Healthy spending on big data will personalize medical care and improve hospital efficiency

Use of big data in healthcare is boosting the scope for personalized healthcare, while medicines and treatments are being customized according to a patient's health requirements, according to a recent global report.

SickKids Hospital’s new CIO has some fascinating opportunities ahead of her

She's a doctor, an innovator-in-residence and much more. Here are three ideas for where Sarah Muttitt could make her mark at the Hospital for Sick Children

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