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Facebook agreement with Canada will impact everyone

Upcoming changes to Facebook

5 tricks to boost Google search results

Here are five easy ways to improve your chances of homing in on the right Google search results

Six essential iPhone security tips

Following these six simple steps takes only a few minutes, but they can save you weeks of damage control

U.S. researchers demo the ‘power’ of SOA

A demo by a U.S. Energy Department lab shows how an event-driven service-oriented architecture can support a power marketplace that lets residential and commercial customers change their power consumption nearly in real time

IBM donates speech translation software to U.S. military

IBM will donate 10,000 copies of its speech translation software to the U.S. government for use in humanitarian settings in Iraq, the company announced.

Smartphone application offers encrypted tunnel to the enterprise

SafeNet's SoftRemote Mobile application lets mobile users forge an encrypted tunnel to the enterprise over any network.

New Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station promises dramatically faster speeds, better range

With its latest Airport Extreme base station, Apple has done more than revamp the look of its popular wireless router. It has adopted 802.11n

Shark tank

Our office recently had a major computer upgrade and I, our resident “tech geek”, was away the week that this was all installed with...

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