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SOA gets cozy in financial services

Business services is definitely not dead, or even dying, says a new Forrester report. How services-oriented architecture is thriving in the financial sector

Software AG, IDS Scheer execs give merger update

On Day 1 of the ProcessWorld 2010 conference, executives talk about how the two businesses are getting along less than one year after Software AG said it would buy IDS Scheer. They say there's a paradigm shift that makes this partnership of particular value

IBM Impact: What Cast Iron means to vendors

We caught up with several companies showcasing at the conference this week to get their thoughts on Cast Iron Systems and how the cloud plays into their business. WITH VIDEO

Q&A: Robert LeBlanc on SOA, BPM, smarter planet

ComputerWorld Canada sat down with IBM

Cast Iron boosts IBM limited cloud experience

One analyst thinks Cast Iron Systems

Union Pacific Railroad replaces mainframe with SOA

Railroad operator Union Pacific builds a more nimble network that cuts staff training time and gives customers more shipment visibility. This service-oriented architecture relies heavily on open source

Data virtualization masks what

Servers, storage and desktops aren

SOA mistakes you should avoid

Services oriented architecture is so not dead. But if you

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