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Union Pacific Railroad replaces mainframe with SOA

Railroad operator Union Pacific builds a more nimble network that cuts staff training time and gives customers more shipment visibility. This service-oriented architecture relies heavily on open source

IT skills for the midmarket

John Baschab, senior vice-president of management services at technology services provider Technisource, discusses the types of IT skills being sought by his company's midmarket clients

Career Strategies Part 6

In this final installment of our series, IT workforce specialists provide some tips on how to move to greener pastures

Career Strategies Part 4 – Switching industries

While striking out on your own isn't the right move for everyone, one option for IT professionals who are looking for a change -- and more money -- is to make the leap into a higher-paying industry

Career strategies Part 2 — How to bump up your bonus

There's not a lot of bonus money around these days, Part 2 of our series tells you how you can get your hand on the little that's left

Female IT pros still haven’t closed wage gap

The discrepency has narrowed, but that doesn't mean it's an even playing field, some professionals say.

Rethinking project management

Saddled with an ineffective project planning process, Hess Corp. CIO Jeff Steinhorn implemented a three-pronged IT strategic planning structure. Thomas Hoffman explains how he did it.

IT recruitment tips

Try these time-tested techniques for attracting and retaining IT employees.

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