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Sun to show ‘appliance-like’ servers at Comdex

Sun Microsystems Inc. next month will announce a new version of its Sun LX50 server that will ship with software packages designed to let users make the system work like a server appliance.

Remote users get a ray of Sun with Cobalt Qube 3

Network managers looking to support their remote branch offices via local LANs may wish to take note of Sun Microsystems Inc.

HP cuts prices on Intel servers

Hewlett-Packard Co. on Tuesday cut prices by up to 31 per cent in North America on some of its low-end Intel Corp.-based servers and server appliances.

HP joins server appliance market

Hewlett-Packard kicks off an aggressive entrance into the server appliance products market with the announcement of 21 server appliances



Sun Microsystems buys server appliance supplier for US$2 billion

Sun Microsystems Inc., in order to add a server appliance offering to its server portfolio, announced Tuesday...

Ballmer: PC is the ultimate empowerment

The PC is the ultimate symbol of empowerment, according to Steve Ballmer, president of Microsoft Corp. And...

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